Monday, November 21, 2005


Forgot to mention this earlier :). Guy with Dengu is completely fins and he left to India on Friday :)
They all were pulling my leg saying "becoz of your dal rice he recovered soon " :)
I donno how far it is true , but the effect was he started to cook a bit of food at home last week (got scared to eat my cooking probably :) )
He sold off most of the items he had (furniture car etc) and back home to meet his family.
we all were happy for him

Phew Iam back

Last week was kind of lethargic. Didn't feel like penning down my thoughts :). Ya I know I am lazy at times (!? or most of the times!!). In fact I have lot of catching to do since last week end. So where do I start from :). Nothing great happened the whole week except.... An exciting project offer I was waiting for an year:) it was like dream come true. I almost have made up my mind regarding my career and personal life so it feels a little better now. So have loads of planning to do. Already have started putting few things in action. Woww I never knew that I was a great planner. Well now big task is to get released form this project :) as well as this account .I almost convinced them over here to release me, but again life is always unpredictable like me !!
Trying to do few ground work for future now. Just chalking out Plan A Plan B Plan C, so that if one doesn't work out then try another kind. Hope everything goes on well by gods grace . The other Project's Manager sounded pretty confident about me joining there team so that infact the offer was to Join from today!!!!! I was thrilled on Friday when I heard this but alas these people would not let me go till December end or Jan beginning. Well iam trying all the tricks I learnt in 3 years of my career :) to get released so hope for the best!.
That way the week was eventful. Planning to get a project , talking about release, and thinking about what else needs to be done and what are the ways. I feel like an business women now who tries to make all the strategic plans , thinks from different perspective and angles , does ground work and prepares for a battle!!. Here its not a literal battle but like a game of chess, where you make your moves and anticipate what moves your opponent is going to make and how to finally "Checkmate" him
Iam trying not to take too much of responsibility as in saying " If you are irreplaceable then chances are high that you won't get promotion" How true. I had hard time getting released from my previous project and coming up to onsite. Because I was irreplaceable resource in my project! I was not able to get into my dream project. Well I think aim lucky again so I have got an offer from them again :) don't want to miss it this time.

Okay other than my project life nothing else seemed so significant for me!!I think iam a bit workoholic :) If I love my work don't mind doing it for 14 hours in a day( I need some time to eat and sleep too)
week end was quiet and normal. We were invited at a friends place for dinner on Sunday night :) we were supposed to be in their house early and help, but really had lot of work to do so we landed up at 8. After that we had to help a little:) Menu was Aloo Paratha, gobhi manchuri,palak paneer and ice cream :). We had hearty dinner and I ate two bowls of icecream!! One for me and one for my room mate. She is kinda on diet so she doesn't eat icecream ,chocolates, cookies n all now :)
Iam as usual not bothered about how I look how much I weigh eat all of them :) I also need to reduce a little bit though else I won't fit into my clothes soon and I have to go shopping for new wardrobe, which I don't intend to do for couple of months as I already have stock of clothes here and back home to go for 3 years!

Just now got news that friend of mine got promoted!! He was supposed to get promoted with us last year but some how missed out. Better late than never so we all are bugging him for a party.

I have written so many things in this entry of my blog so iam a bit confused how to conclude it.
Hm Let me just summarize then. Week was eventful with major project change that would affect both my career as well as personal life . So need to wait and watch now how things are going to shape up But I have to be very careful till I get released , not to take panga or head on collision or any kind of misunderstanding with the people over here. So trying to be better,smart,nice sweet and mean :)a all at a time

Friday, November 11, 2005

Moody Thursday Happy Friday

It was Thursday. Had an early start for day. Reached office by 7.45 am. Called up offshore and clarified things to them asked them to call me if they had any doubts . Started checking mails and replying :) orkuting. Went to cafeteria picked up Coffee (Vanilla creamy) and toast. Since I am a pure veggie can't eat omelets and since it was Thursday can't eat anything else other than wheat products.
Back home I used to fast on Thursdays. Here its get a Little difficult as work load might be very much and you would have to run around too much . So Try to eat wheat products without onion garlic etc. My mom's mom used to do that my mom used to do that too. So just trying to keep up their custom Nothing major though. :)
We were suppose to have 9 am meeting and I was searching for the participants!! I found them missing!!. Checked my Calendar and saw that It was scheduled for 9 am Thursday!! Messaged Client manager asking about the meeting. He said dial in , I was like I don't have the number!, he was like find it on the invitation, I Searched and didn't find it then he sent me the number dialed in and LO!! Only 3 people in meeting rest were missing!! We waited for them for around 15 minutes and then cancelled the meeting. It was very nice of him not to get irritated. If were him then I am sure they would have got proper firing . We rescheduled the meeting to Friday morning 10 am So I was like one day I come in early to office to attend a meeting and its called off!!!

Started resolving some production issues simultaneously talking to friends through mails. Was enquiring about the Dengu guy and his friends said he started bleeding through his nose at around 1 am and they had to take him to hospital and he is back now. I was totally scared. Tried to call up back home and ask few knowledgeable people so as what to do in such condition Got few advises and conveyed the same to his friends and asked his friends to take good care of him My mood of kinda off then

We were making plans for thanks giving week end. One of my friend made a comment and I was already on a edge and it just triggered me off.
She was like "Bhadko mat PhulanDevi" one more friend tried to pull my leg and he also got proper firing back. I donno why I was feeling so crappy yesterday , may be lack of proper sleep or may be because of the fact that I wouldn't be joining other set of friends to Florida trip. What ever was the reason was I not in proper mood. Had lunch with another set of acquaintances and they were trying to pass some smart comments So I was like " Think what you want say what you want I don't care"

Came back and logged into to regular 3 o clock status call. People were going on and on, I used to drift off and drift in often finally they finished meeting by 3 45 pm I think. Then had to synchronize my Production changes with Start team so that Offshore team could update there environments
In between was chatting with quite a few friends Headed home by 5 30 pm. Stopped over Dunkin Doughnuts as my Roommate wanted to pick up Cafe Latte. Reached home just mounted on the couch and switched on TV flipped channels watched FRIENDS that's so Raven, Felicity, and some serial (I donno the name) about school dance team etc. Then got up and started to make "Phulkas". Had an early dinner at 8 20 pm and again started watching TV.
Then my friend called me and said I can join them for Florida trip as few people were dropping out :))) . I was So happy I was all smiles. So called other set of friends asked them if they had any problem if I went with other set they were like we are fine!! So all set for F L O R I D A Trip now . I am so excited!!!
Called few of my friends and started playing online pool. Original plan was to go to bed early! But started talking to friends over the phone and was playing pool and realized it was 12 am!!. My poor room mate was busy with an offshore call. She has loads of work these days! Then Hit bed and was still talking to a friend. Finally called it a day by 12 30 am. Couldn't sleep well was tossing and turning and my room mate was still busy with offshore call, felt that it was too warm in the room I didn't get up form bed though. Finally my room mate finished her call at 3 am after that I could get some sleep. Woke up hurriedly in the morning freshened up had breakfast and suddenly realized I had a 10 am con call . Logged into network form home wrote down the numbers and started by 9 45 am. Reached office by exact 10 am. Ran up to the elevator quickly got to my desk and logged in to the call.

One more prod bug so started looking into it while I was in the call. Fixed it and I was still in the call!!!. Checked mails replied to friends and was waiting for an important mail from a project manger who happens to be a good friend of mine, regarding some project related enquiries. Was very happy to read the mail. Finally the call ended by 11 and I was like lemme take a break. Just checked mails and started working on next release projects. Was just checking through and realized it was 12 15!! Pinged my roomy for lunch.
Usually we go out for lunch on Fridays. We went to subway had came back to office. Then I thought let me write my blog so started composing it simultaneously while talking to my friends through mails

Toady evening we have a team dinner by our project manager at Chilies its in Wilkes-Barre
I suddenly realized that its FRIDAY yo yo yo and tomorrow is Saturday so get to sleep for more time !!
But we have some outing plans tomorrow so may not be able to accomplish that lets see what happens

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Day 3

Yesterday i.e. Wednesday was a little busy day. Meetings after meetings mails after mails!
Had nice lunch with our client. We had been to Ruby Tuesday. A place near to our office. Weather was very gloomy. Windy and it started to rain. We drove down to that place by 12 noon.
Me being a pure veggie Had tough time choosing from menu. Finally with little help chose Veggie Wrap and French fries. Didn't feel like eating just salad on a cold day. We were talking and discussing about project people and other stuff , at times I just drifted off to my own world! As I always do., physically present mentally absent! My Veggie wrap was served and I was not sure whether to eat it or not. Iam not a person who tries to please or do things to impress people. But a team mate of mine was trying to butter the client manager!!. I didn't feel like eating the wrap so barely ate it. Finished my lunch with fries and manger was like want to go for dessert already I could feel my stomach uneasy , due to the food I ate or due to the smell of crab/chicken ordered by others dining with me! But my team mate was like oh "I'll give you company, I don't mind eating!!" I was like even if they ask him to polish their shoes he would have done it!. We were talking about some video shoot and family and work culture blah blah blah. In between I used to drift off and suddenly being pulled back by a question thrown at me. It was a nice Lunch though. We discussed about my driving lessons over the week end and steps towards getting a license etc etc. Came back office. Had a meeting at 2 pm. Meeting went on pretty well! Surprisingly I didn't fall asleep, may be my stomach was not too full and comfortable Was busy looking at other stuff after meeting. And Called off day by 5.30 pm.

A friend/colleague of mine was not keeping well . He was admitted in a hospital or 3 days and was back home. SO thought of making some dinner for him and visiting him. Came home Made dough for chapatti. Then kept for Dal. Stupid cooker just blew out all the water!! So had to remove the mess and keep in other cooker. Then kept for rice and was cleaning the mess. Made Dal realized that salt + chilli powder was more. A friend advised me puree a tomato and add it so did that. Then gave seasoning. And started making "Phulkas" for Thursday afternoon lunch.
"phulka" was taught to me by my room mate who is an amazing cook. Learnt quiet a bit from her. Like how to make Pav Bhaji,paneer mutter, mushroom mutter etc etc. She is from Bombay.
Made Phulkas packed the Lunch boxes. Packed for that guy too and freshened Up. By then it was 830. It was raining quiet heavily . My room mate came back form office and we started towards that persons place. He was staying in a friends place.
His family was here and now are in India. His wife gave birth to a baby girl and he had gone to visit them few days back they named their daughter "Yeshwi". He also has a son who is 6 years old. Poor chap was in very bad shape and didn't want to eat Dal rice!!! He wanted pickle aloo tikke and subway!!!!! After we went their we found out that he had "Dengu" Oh my god you should have seen the expression on my face!! . I told him he ash to thinks bout his wife and daughter and son . He has to take proper food and not bother about goody stuff for few days idlest. He would not listen!! We were talking for quiet sometime and came back home . Called up my friends and they said go take bath first it might be contagious . So people scared the hell out of me and forced me to take bath at 11 o Clock in the night. I had to wash my hair too!!. Had dinner after that and started talking to my friends over the phone. Realized it was high time for me to go to bed as I had to wake up very very early next day. So called it logical end of day by 12 am!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Day 2

Whew looks like day has just started. Didn't feel like waking up early in the morning getting ready and going to office so decided to work from home. Logged into m office network and checked my Lotus notes. Well iam just on time! Some production bug was reported and I had got fix it. Well started working on it, simultaneously checking other mail accounts replying to the mails and finally fixed the bud sent it for install.. I enjoy these solitary moments some times. Not many people around(no one around!) trying to find work and work :) Iam almost done with the project over here. Have asked for a release still in dilemma whether to go back to India or to relocate.i feel helpless sometimes, Feel that I suddenly have to grow up from my usual kiddish self to some mature adult making decision of life time!.Its hard to decide personal life or professional life!! I wish my dad was there. He would have helped me making up my mind and he would have been their to support me

Monday, November 07, 2005

Day 1

I had an blog account quiet sometime back. But never blogged or used it even once.
today was inspired by a friend of mine to open a new account and start blogging.
so here I go. I'm in US of A now 223pm Nov 7th after noon. After lunch hours Monday blues follow. Trying to keep my eyes open and work. But the attempts are very costly. Tried to take a walk and a break . no use. Tried calling friends and bug them, no use. So need to go wash my face and then try to work :DDD .
Day so far was good ,not much work to do.