Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Incident 1: while traveling to work last Friday , we were stalled in old madras road by traffic. next to our bus there was one more green color big10 bus. i was casually looking out the window and noticed that the bus was almost empty. One guy who happen to be in the bus near by to the window i was sitting was looking at his reflection in the steel inner wall( i guess) e was trying to fix some thing on his face. he put his finger in the nose/ mouth he was making weird faces, i was just seeing and was amused. He then realized some one looking at his antics!! he tried to peep through the window between bars or whtever and see his face was s funny i burst out laughing aloud :-P

incident 2:
last Friday while i was traveling back from work noticed a strange incident. Our bus was waiting at the lalbagh signal.
i was just looking out through the window. Saw a crow trying to eat the left over corn on the cob from a near by trash.
One more crow flew by and wanted to share the meal, this firs crow shooed away the other crow!!!. We have believed so far that one crow sees food it will call all its relatives!!!etc etc. This sight was surprising!! Is it that crows have been urbanized? or have they changed with time ? i donno but it was strange sight indeed

one more incident which i remembered today : some guy in the bus was having a conversation over the phone and was trying to spell something . He said the letter "P" so loudly i could not help but smile. He said "P for police. P P " he stressed so much on P that i felt like telling hm don't force the other person to pee :-


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